How to Make a Bootable CD/USB by PC Win Boot?

Written on:May 20, 2012
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How to Make a Bootable CD/USB by PC Win Boot?

Before we make a prepared boot disc, someone may ask that why we need to do so?

When the computer crash suddenly, the windows couldn’t boot from the local disk. If windows couldn’t repair it by itself, how can we get the data from the computer immediately? Re-install windows would take too long and even remove some valuable on the system partition. Move the disk to another computer to read would need more than one computer. So the bootable emergency disc would be the best choice at this time.

PC Win Boot is the simplest application to build bootable disc by ourselves. It’s simple, powerful and customizable. It uses Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) as its dependent tools, But comparing to reading the long and boring manual of WAIK before building the boot disc, PC Win Boot changes these to be an automatic, a couple of clicks easy job. We don’t have to type the commands and searching errors which requires you as a computer expert. In contrast, it allows us to create a boot disc like experts with a friendly user interface hiding all the professional stuff invisible.

We can download it here.

Before we enjoy the powerful features of “PC Win Boot”, we should do the following preparation jobs:

1. Download and install WAIK. This procedure is also automatic by only clicking the button “Install WAIK” on PC Win Boot. The data size of WAIK is about 1.5 G, so it would take some time to download it. Please click here to know more details.

2. If we want to make a boot disc, we need a CD/DVD Writer to burn the bootable ISO image. If we want to make a bootable USB, we need to format it and mark its partition to be active and bootable. Please click here to see how.

3. Install the suitable edition PC Win Boot depending on whether your Windows is 64 bit or 32 bit. Then finish the registration of PC Win Boot. Please click here to see how.

Only 7 steps to make a Windows PE boot disc:

Step 1

Set the working directory. Download and install WAIK if there is no WAIK installed on the system.

Select an empty folder as the working directory which the WAIK installer, temporary files and the final bootable image made by PC Win Boot will be using.


Don’t choose the PC Win Boot program’s directory as the working directory, or it will show the following error. Any sub-folder including empty sub-folder of PC Win Boot installation directory are also not an appropriate as working directory. Moreover, working directory also cannot be any folder or sub-folder of programs that will be added to PC Win Boot boot disc.


Let’s take a new empty folder called “Waik” on partition D for example. It’s the working directory for the demonstration. Click “Find WAIK” to check whether WAIK have been installed in the Windows.


If WAIK is not found in the system, click the button “Install WAIK” to download and install WAIK. This procedure is automatic, you will be directed to the WAIK installation window once download has been finished. To know more about WAIK, please click here.


If WAIK is properly installed, we can see the following message while click “Find WAIK” button.


Step 2

After the preparation job above, we can click “Add Program” to add the applications we need to the boot disc ISO image.

Please notice that 64 bit PC Win Boot could only add 64 bit programs, and 32 bit PC Win Boot could only add the 32 bit programs. Microsoft does not allow 32 bit program to be run on 64 bit Windows PE. The system type of added program could not be mixed. To see how to determine whether your Windows is 64 bit or 32 bit, please go here.


Step 3

Choose the folders where the software located.



Step 4

Choose the executive file in the folder.



Step 5

Name the program and click “Add” to add it to the program list. This name is a display name in PC Win Boot rescue CD menu. It is used as a human friendly alias instead of the executable file’s name. clip_image022

We can edit the program list by “Add” or “Remove Shortcut”.


Step 6

After all the programs are added into the list, we can click “Add Program” to finish.


Step 7

Click “Build *.ISO Boot Disk” to build a boot disc image. The image file would be created at the working directory.



We can burn the ISO image to CD/DVD, to see how, please go here.


If we want to make a bootable USB, we need to format it and mark its partition to be active. Please click here to see how.

After that, insert the prepared USB to the computer, then choose the drive from the list below the “Build USB Disk” button and Click “Build USB Boot Disk” to start.


If you are interested in how to build a super boot disc and how to make good use of this emergency system, please click here.

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